Connection ATMOS F31 and F32 Laddomat AKU

Professional stainless steel connection of accumulation tanks with a boiler circuit built on pipes with a diameter of 35 x 1.5 mm designed to maintain a minimum temperature of the return water to the boiler and quickly connect the accumulation tanks (accumulation tank) in series. The connection contains all the necessary components required by the manufacturer – a 2.5 bar safety valve, a venting valve, a manometer, a Laddomat 22 and a filter with a magnet.

As standard, from 1 up to 3 accumulation tanks can be connected using Connection F31 / F32, if more tanks need to be connected, 1SRA expansion sets can be used – for the given type of tank.

The connection allows the use of ATMOS/ESBE pump groups, which can be expanded to two or three heating circuits for a larger heating system by purchasing a special distributor and the necessary pump group.