The Company history

The family company ATMOS was founded in the Czech Republic in 1935. In the beginning, production was focused on gasification propulsion units for cars and boats under the DOKOGEN brand, ie. the same principle as used in modern wood and coal gasification boilers.

Despite the German occupation and the communist dictatorship, the development of wood boilers, gasification units and compressors was maintained. In 1980, at the Pragotherm exhibition, it presented the first gasification boilers for wood and wood waste. To date, it has developed 90 types of hot water boilers for which it has 15 patents. One of the first boilers developed was the EKONOMIK boiler in 1968.

Three generations of Cankař are currently working, in a family business, to secure the European market with quality boilers that save the environment and energy. The company’s founder Jaroslav Cankář senior passed away in March 2006 at the age of a beautiful 94 years.

ATMOS company – present

Atmos is a family-owned Czech company and currently one of the largest European manufacturers of boilers for solid fuels (solid fuels). The company exports more than 60 % of its production abroad, mainly to Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, France, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, United Kingdom, etc.

The range includes boilers for solid fuels (solid fuels), gasification boilers for wood from 15 to 150 kW, gasification boilers for brown coal (and wood) from 16 to 48 kW, gasification boiler for brown coal briquettes and black coal with output 16 and 26 kW, automatic boilers for pellets from 4.5 to 80 kW and combined wood gasification boilers in combination with a pellet burner in outputs from 20 to 35 kW. Atmos products have aroused great interest among wood-burning users and plumbers, for their good functionality, quality and, last but not least, a very favorable price.

The goal of ATMOS is to be one of the best boiler manufacturers in Europe. To be a company that depends on its tradition, experience and the ATMOS brand.