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Company History

The family company ATMOS was founded in Bohemia in 1935. In the beginning the production was aimed at LCV-generators for autos and ships under the trade mark of DOKOGEN. The same working principle is used in modern boilers for wood and coal.

Boat with DOKOGEN wood-powered generator
on the Vltava River in Prague in 1943
ARO 204 with DOKOGEN wood-powered
generator in 1985


In 1942, ATMOS started development and manufacturing of the ATMOS compressors, exported to all the world until the nationalization in 1951.

ATMOS compressors manufactured in 1948

Despite German occupation and the following communist dictatorship, the company has maintained the development of boilers for wood, LCV units, and compressors.

In 1980, the first boiler for wood and waste wood was presented at the Pragoterm fair. Until today, ATMOS has developed over 70 types of boilers under 13 patents. One of the first boilers was the EKONOMIK in 1968.

Boiler "EKONOMIK" in 1968

Three generations of the Cankar family are nowdays working in the company, assuring the European market with quality boilers that are saving environment and energy.

The founder of the company Jaroslav Cankar died in 2006 in age 94 years.

ATMOS company - the present

Atmos is a family owned company, and nowdays one of the biggest manufacturer of boilers for solid fuels in Europe. Atmos exports more than 80% of it's production, mainly to Germany, Romania, Italy, France, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Great Britain etc.

Production area ATMOS 2

Atmos produces wood gasification boilers in power range 15 to 150 kW, lignite (brown coal) and wood gasification boilers in range 16 to 48 kW, brown caol briquets and black coal gasification boiler 26 kW, automatic pellet boilers from 4,5 up to 80 kW and combined boilers for wood and pellets with outputs from 20 to 35 kW. The products have gained an extensive interest from people heating with wood, and from heat installation businesses for excellent operation, quality, and finally a very competetive pricing.

Our aim is to be one of the best manufacturers of boilers for coal and wood in Europe. To be a company that cares for its tradition, experience and brand of ATMOS

Company seat
Training center and museum ATMOS

"We are always striving to be in the forefront when it comes to quality, functionality, and prices regarded as humane. Thus, product development is very active and quality control is very strict. In this way, more people get access to ecological, cheap and comfortable heating."

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Paintshop (boiler bodies)
Assembly hall - ATMOS company