The first Generator boiler with automatic ignition

We present the first Generator DC40GS (40kW) equipped with automatic ignition of wood and ATMOS ACD 04 equithermal regulation, which controls not only the operation of automatic fuel ignition, but also the operation of the boiler and the entire heating system.

This is the most powerful boiler with this equipment in the ATMOS offer.

The automatic ignition of wood is used for planned burning of the boiler, e.g. before coming home in the afternoon or before arriving at the cottage.
The ignition of the fuel is very fast (approx. 5 minutes) and allows the operator to arrive “into the heat”.
The ignition of the fuel can be set and scheduled on the ACD04 control according to time (weekly program), according to the requirements of the heating system or according to the temperature in the accumulation tank.

A device for automatic wood ignition is built in between the upper and lower doors (a chamber with a heating spiral). High-quality wood pellets are used for ignition, which are used to fill the ignition chamber. The amount of pellets corresponds to the size of the shovel that is included in the delivery of the boiler.
The pellets are ignited at the set moment using an electric heating spiral (500 W).

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