New DC15GS wood gasification boiler

DC15GS – Generator

The DC15GS boiler output is only 15 kW and is therefore also suitable for buildings with very little heat loss. It means small houses or very well insulated houses.

Modern boiler for burning of wood based on the principle of generator gasification using a special nozzle and exhaust fan (S).
For boilers marked as Generator (GS), the fuel is burned in a ceramic combustion space with side inlets of preheated primary air. This ensures high efficiency, low consumption, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation.

Wood with a length of up to 27 cm is burned with an efficiency of over 90 %. Thanks to the large door, the fuel is easily filled and the boiler is easy to clean.

The boilers meet the 5th Emission Class (Energy Efficiency Class A +), the Ecodesign requirements.