New compact automatic pellet boiler D10PX

The DxxPX line of compact boilers has been supplemented with the new smallest D10PX boiler.

The boilers are supplied as a complete device with a built-in conveyor, a pellet hopper with a volume of 65 l and an ATMOS A25 pellet burner. Their compact solution allows installation in small boiler rooms.

Boiler construction
The boilers are designed for electronically controlled pellet combustion with automatic fuel ignition.
The pellet burner is built into the front part of the boiler in the door of the lower combustion chamber. This chamber is lined with ceramic fittings for ideal flame burning with high efficiency and also serves as space for ash.
In the rear part of the boiler there is a tube heat exchanger equipped with segment brakes to achieve high efficiency.

Power of the D10PX pellet boiler 3 – 10 kW

The boilers meet the 5th emission class (energy efficiency class A +), Ecodesign requirements and are included among the boilers for Boiler subsidies.