New compact automatic D15PX and D20PX pellet boilers

There are a new products in ATMOS range of boilers – D15PX and D20PX boilers for burning pellets. D15PX and D20PX boilers are supplied as a complete plant with a built-in conveyor, pellet reservoir with the volume of 175 l and ATMOS A25 pellet burner. Their compact solution enables installation in small boiler rooms.

Boiler construction
They are designed for electronically controlled burning of pellets with automatic ignition of fuel. The pellet burner is incorporated into the front part of the boiler in the door of the lower combustion chamber. This chamber consists of the ceramic shaped bricks for ideal flame burn out with high efficiency ant it is also used as an area for ash. A tube heat exchanger with a segmental decelerators is placed in the back part of the boiler and serves to reach high efficiency.

D15PX boiler output – pellets 4,5 – 15 kW

D20PX boiler output – pellets 4,5 – 20 kW

Boiler meets 5th emission class.