New coal (wood) gasification boiler KOMBI – C15S

C15S is a new and smallest gasification boiler for burning brown coal (wood – as a substitute fuel (for ignition)) with an output of only 16 kW. The boiler works on the principle of generator gasification bymeans of a patented rotating grate using an exhaust fan (S).Despite the compact dimensions of the boiler (width 595 mm, depth 658 mm), a large volume of the application chamber of 50 liters (wood length 25 cm) is preserved, thus guaranteeing a long burning time. Thanks to its small dimensions and performance, it is also suitable for buildings with very little boiler and low heat loss. The fuel is well added through the large door and the boiler is easy to clean. The special design ensures combustion efficiency of over 90 %, low consumption, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation. The boilers meet the 5th emission class (energy efficiency class B), Ecodesign requirements.