D20 P


1. Body of the boiler 14. Plug for installation of an automatic ash-removal system
2. Cleaning door 15. Thermometer (Code S0041)
3. Ash-pan 41 l (Code: P0097) 16. Main switch (Code: S0091)
4. Control Panel 17. Regulation (boiler) thermostat (Code: S0021)
5. Frame shield 18. Pump thermostat (Code: S0023)
6. Door panelling - large Sibral (Code: S0263) 19. Safety thermostat (Code: S0068)
7. Door seal 18 x 18 mm (Code: S0240) 20. Fuse 6.3 A
8. Lock (Code: S0212) 21. Double-switch of the pellet burner's automatic ash-removal system (Code: S0098)
9. Decorative nut (Code: S0413) K Smoke flue socket
10. Lid of the burner aperture - board + insulation (Code: S0275) L Water outlet from the boiler
11. Cleaning lid of the chimney hole M Water inlet to the boiler
12. Tube sheet brake valve (Code: P0098) N Coupling collar for the feed cock
13. Stainless steel fire-chamber screen
for D14P (P14) - (Code: S0936)
for D21P (P21) - (Code: S0937)