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Země živitelka is the only exhibition in the Czech Republic that includes the entire agricultural and food sector.

Traditionally, agricultural machinery and services for agriculture, plant and animal production, food industry, technology, forestry and water management, organic farming, hunters, fishermen, beekeepers and small breeders are represented in whole area and they have their own pavilions and its own program.

The end of August is a celebration of a rich harvest and harvest festival for all farmers. On Saturday we celebrate the NATIONAL HARVEST together. The harvest procession led by the highest representatives of the state and government is accompanied by people in costumes with harvest wreaths, majorettes, live music, hunters with predators and hunting dogs, horses with riders. The ceremonial opening of the National Harvest Festival takes place in the Brewery Garden.

Agriculture in the form of play and learning – CHILDREN’S AGRICULTURAL WORLD has already become a traditional part of the Mother Earth. It presents an interactive guide for young and old visitors. A significant part of the area is reserved for playful farms, educational trails, children’s agricultural corner, bouncy castles, forest pedagogy, or pumpkin picking. It also includes activities for children at the exhibitors’ stands.

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