The Laddomat 22

Hydraulic fitting forming the boiler circuit to maintain the minimum temperature of the return water to the boiler.

Its construction replaces the classic connection of individual parts. It consists of a cast iron body, thermoregulation valve, pump, non-return valve, ball valves and thermometers. Connecting to the Laddomat 22 is much easier, so we can only recommend it to you. We recommend using Laddomat 22 for boilers 15 – 100 kW. A spare 72 °C thermal cartridge is supplied with the Laddomat 22 fitting. Use it for boilers over 32 kW. When connecting the boiler, it is also possible to use a thermoregulation valve TV 60 °C (65 °C) or a three-way mixing valve controlled by regulation with an actuator to protect against low-temperature corrosion, which will maintain the temperature of returning water to the boiler min. 65 – 75 °C.

Laddomat 22 has the task of:

  • Ensure that the boiler reaches operating temperature quickly after ignition
  • Charge storage tanks to high temperature with low flow rate to achieve optimal stratification in the tank
  • After heating, transfer the remaining heat from the boiler to the tank
  • In the event of an interruption in the supply of electricity. Flow and stopping the circulation pump to partially remove excess heat through the non-return valve from the boiler to the tank or system by gravity circulation.


Operational data
Maximum operating pressure 0,25 MPa
Calculated overpressure 0,25 MPa
Test overpressure 0,33 MPa
Highest working temperature 100 °C