Textile silo for pellets

Large textile bins are designed to store pellets for the heating season. They can be placed in the boiler room or adjacent areas. Another option is to place them in enclosed outdoor shelters so that they are not exposed to sunlight and weather conditions.

ATZ tanks are designed for pneumatic refueling of pellets from the tank. For this purpose, they are equipped with two STORZ A110 flanges, which can be placed on any two sides. The textile container is also equipped with two openings through which the silo can be filled to a certain height by hand from bags or a big bag.

The delivery includes a universal container located in the lower part of the silo, which is equipped with a pneumatic probe for pneumatic transport of pellets or a flange enabling the pellets to be picked up directly by a screw conveyor (type DAxxxx and DRA50) into the A25, A45 or A85 burner. In these cases, we recommend using a conveyor length of at least 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 m.

The hopper is designed as a steel structure guaranteeing easy assembly, in which a textile bag made of solid material with a special internal treatment is suspended to reduce the penetration of moisture into the stored pellets. Prior to the installation of the tank, no special construction modifications are required, the silos only require a reinforced, optimally concrete floor.

The tanks are manufactured in three basic sizes with a maximum usable volume of 5.5, 6.5 and 7.9 m3. The type of storage tank, or the frequency of its replenishment in the heating season, can be simply determined according to the basic rule: 1 kW of the required output of the heat source = 0.5 m3 (325 kg) of pellets / year.




with accessories (universal container (H0510), 2x STORZ A110, anchoring, etc.)

set code usable volume (m3) (tones) pellets sides dimensions (mm) height (mm)
ATZ 5 H0505 4,4 – 5,5 2,9 – 3,6 1960 x 1960 2 320
ATZ 6 H0506 5,3 – 6,5 3,5 – 4,2 1960 x 2360 2 320
ATZ 7 H0507 6,3 – 7,9 4,1 – 5,1 2360 x 2360 2 320


Universal container for ATZ textile containers

The universal container for ATZ textile bins is equipped with a pneumatic suction probe and a replaceable reduction enabling direct pick-up of pellets by a screw conveyor from a textile silo. It includes a locking mechanism and a cleaning hole.
ATTENTION: The universal container is a part of every delivery of the ATZ textile container.