Price list

Dear Customers,

The best prices and services you can get is from our contracted local business partners in your country. They were properly trained and tought by ATMOS.

For getting contact information about them, please contact our sales department and we will give you their details.


Věra Svobodová
Lenka Cibulková
Lukáš Korel

tel.: +420 326 701 404
tel.: +420 326 701 414
fax: +420 326 701 492


Ing. Jitka Pekárková Cankářová

tel.: +420 326 701 302
tel.: +420 326 701 404
fax: +420 326 701 492



  • Mon – Thu 6.00 am - 5.00 pm
  • Fri 6.00 am - 3.30 pm

Do not buy our products over e-shops or in web auctions. Such products could be broken or not complete. The condition for quarantee is a proper installation by competent plumber trained by our company and in accordance to the manual instruction.

It is our aim that you are completely satisfied with our product and you return to us.

Jaroslav Cankař