Energeticky úsporná oběhová čerpadla

From 1st January, 2013 comes into force across the EU (in the Czech and Slovak Republics), a new regulation prohibiting the marketing of alone standing traditional circulation pumps.

Technically, this means that any alone standing circulation pumps sold and installed in any system must be high-efficient category.

Exceptions up to the 1st August 2015 have only all integrated pumps. Therefore, this new law will not concern Laddomat 21 and a new insulated Laddomat 22, which is designed for output from 15 to 100 kW.

It is obvious that due to higher cost of high-efficiency pumps will Laddomat 21/22 ideal price solution.
Laddomat 21 with high efficiency pump will be placed on the market from 1 st. January 2013, Laddomat 22 with high efficiency pump will be placed on the market by the end of the year 2013.

With the introduction of high-efficiency pump comes the problem with their optimal settings.
Other settings should be for the boiler circuit, other for heated system circuit.

For boiler circuit therefore follow prescribed settings so see the enclosed flyer. Otherwise there can occur enormous tarring of the boiler  and shorten its life (warranty expires).

Setting of the pump in boiler circuit

Standard pumps
Energeticky úsporná oběhová čerpadla

High efficiency pumps
High efficiency pumps