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Equithermal control ACD01

It is designed to control the hot water system of a heated building. Control of the controller is simple and intuitive. It contains functions for direct control of the boiler, boiler circuit, up to three heating circuits, domestic hot water, solar, etc …

Equithermal control ATMOS ACD 01 is a new control element for all ATMOS boilers. The control is equipped with a large display on which it is possible to monitor the most important data about the condition of the boiler and the heating system. A special program ATMOS, created for the conditions of solid fuel boilers is able to control the following:

heating of two heating circuits (eg classic radiators + floor heating) according to the required room temperature, outdoor temperature and depending on the time using two types of room units
one boiler circuit to maintain a minimum return water temperature to the boiler of 65 °C, via a three-way mixing valve with pump and heating of one heating circuit (eg conventional radiators or underfloor heating) according to the required room temperature, outdoor temperature and time depending on two types of room units
domestic hot water heating to the required temperature (eg 55 °C)
solar heating via solar collectors
optimal charging and discharging of storage tanks according to customer requirements
automatic switching of operation of two boilers, eg wood and natural gas boilers
complete operation of the boiler based on the needs of the heating system, including the exhaust fan

Electronic control ATMOS ACD 01 is supplied as a set including the necessary sensors and connection terminal block for easy installation in the boiler panel in the following composition:

Number Designation Production designation Number in set Measuring range The cable length
1 Equithermal regulator ACD01 1
2 Connection terminal block SCS 12 1
3 Outdoor temperature sensor (AF) T7416A1022 1 -40 … +70 0 m
4 Boiler temperature sensor (WF) KTF 20 2 -20 … +100 4 m
5 Heating system sensor (HF) VF20A 2 0 … +110 4 m
6 DHW sensor KTF 20 1 -20 … +100 4 m